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2019 Moto-Trax MTX 120 Factory Edition Review

February 24, 2019
Jeff Scott

2019 moto-trax mtx 120 factory edition: the good, the bad, the ugly…

note: to anyone still holding bad feeling towards moto-trax, this write up is not the place to vent. by no means am I disrespecting/dismissing your claims. the information I’m putting out is based on my experience with the 2019 moto-trax product and customer support.

the good:
on the trail, the 120 rising rate setup took everything I could throw at it. any skid can be set up to handle the big hits but this can come at the price of being harsh everywhere else. big hits, small hits, washboards, it really didn’t matter. the only factor limiting speed was me thinking how long it would take to heal if i got off at 50mph plus... i would add i’m not a big “trail guy” but if you are a trail banger, i believe the rising rate design is hard to beat. off trail, i was shocked at how well the 120 tractored through powder and up hills. i believe it’s a combination of setup, a shallow approach angle, and the camso challenger hybrid track. the bike it was tested on is a well-tuned 2018.5 husqvarna fc450 rockstar edition which is a beast in it’s own right but the track speed generated and the climbing ability in deeper snow was impressive. i would welcome a comparison to any other 120 on the market. no joke, i’m in Colorado and ride mostly at rabbit ears and vail pass. i make this statement because, in my opinion, what this skid brings to the table off-trail made me reconsider going longer and if there is a better performing 120 in the deep, i want it.

the bad:
the ski: it’s "useable" but limits the kit's performance. after adjusting the IDT soft strut length to what seemed to be the best handling setup, the steering was heavy on the trail and would wash in the deep. some of the heaviness on the trail could be due to some spindle flex but if we want to get real, timbersled and yeti have made multiple ski and spindle reconfigurations/refinements to make very good products better. after putting a yeti ski and spindle on, it is a serious gamechanger. the skid weighs 10 pounds more than advertised. everything appeared to be loctited but still lost one bogie on the first ride. a new bogie wheel, spacer, and bolt were received within 3 days of placing the call. in 4 additional rides, 2 other bolts came loose but didn’t fall out. re-loctited everything and now it’s routine to check all major skid bolts before riding. chains still stretching? but no problems because of. still waiting for billet rear wheels (shipped with plastic composite units) as the vendor was delayed. all in all, minor annoyances that i believe the other manufacturers experience on occasion.

the ugly:
through an accounting error, the first kit was accidentally sent to my last customer as they had inputted his address in the database (under my company name) for a previous drop shipment. the kit was delivered via fedex with no signature required. when contacted, this previous customer said he saw the box in his driveway, didn’t look at the ship to or shipped from labels, put it on his curb, and later that day it was gone…whatever. the point is, i had another kit at my door a few weeks later. It would have been sooner but this was back in October 2018 and moto-trax didn’t have the parts inventory to assemble another 2019 120 factory edition. a costly lesson regarding the benefits of requiring a signature for delivery but regardless the customer support was exemplary. moto-trax made it clear it was their fault/problem and it was handled asap.

so there you have it. btw i am not current a moto-trax dealer. ride safe, ride smart, and i hope i don’t hear of another avy fatality where no one was wearing a beacon…


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