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Training and Diet

September 6, 2020
Jeff Scott

I thought I would start a blog about something that can have a huge impact on your ability to take it to the next level on your machine that 1) doesn't cost money (aftermarket parts) and 2) can have a positive influence over to other areas of your life (I'd like to believe that most would agree that being healthier is always a good thing). These are some of the things that are currently working well for me. Feel free to respond with comments, questions, etc.


I'm going to take a swing at diet first because it's incredibly easy on paper and the most difficult to maintain. I would add that of the 3 topics, a proper diet can have the biggest impact again, not just on your riding capabilities, but also on your general well-being. There are multiple opinions on what foods should make up a diet, athletic or otherwise, and unfortunately, one size does NOT fit all. It takes some experimenting (just like setting up a snowbike or sled) but for myself, I have found a combination of the Keto (high fat, low carb) and Carnivore (high protein) diets has helped me in ways I haven't experienced while training for more than 30 years. In the past 6 months, this diet has allowed me to lose significant weight, decrease body fat percentage, lower blood pressure, decrease LDL cholesterol, and lower my resting heart rate. I didn't state the actual numbers on purpose as I say this not to gloss myself as a superhero, but to give the information that I stand behind while writing this blog (message me if you want the actual numbers). Here are the high points:

-huge health benefits
-energy is maintained throughout the day
-far from a starvation diet
-the penalties for cheating appear to be less severe


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