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C3 Powersports Factory Billet Thermostat


To stay heated in a situation where everything is telling you to cool off...

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Company Description

A thermostat is, along with air intake, among the most vital upgrades to make to any snowbike.

Freezing ambient temperatures plus snow exposure keep the engine from properly warming up, which can cause your EFI to stay in warm-up mode, overfuelling the engine, which means making it run like crap, burning way too much gas, and accelerating engine wear or even risking damage.

A thermostat will help the bike heat up to and maintain the hot 90C/195F temperatures it was designed for. And the C3 thermostat is the one for you!

Premium materials and innovative design you'd expect from C3
•Pipe thread ports in all models designed specifically to accept accessories like the C3 Heated Handlebars (recommended - bundle!) and Trailtech TTO Temp Gauge

Reliable and consistent operation
•Bleed hole plus bypass line (included) ensures slow circulation until thermostat opens - then the cooling system is unobstructed and can make full use of radiators if needed, like on warm spring days
•Unmatched customization, versatility, and fit+finish
•Industry exclusive "del-ring" redundant backup seals

A full "factory-custom" model is available for many popular bikes:

•Docks right to your engine and is barely bigger than the fitting it replaces
•Closest to cylinder, accurate temperature reading
•Easiest and most polished installation possible - no cutting or messing around with hoses

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