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Lost Range.

Lost Range.


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Muscle and Joint Rub


To deal with the aches and pains of humans, both athletic and sedentary (if this one is you, we need to talk...).

Final Report

In August of 2001, a single miscalculation resulted in:

-L and R Talus (ankle) fractures
-L Calcaneous (heel) fracture
-R Calcaneous (heel) cracked
-R ruptured Achilles tendon
-L ruptured Peroneal tendon

While healing up surprisingly well (all things considered), arthritis is a given and serves as a reminder every day upon waking up. Lost Range Muscle and Joint Rub is the only product I've tried, either topical or ingested, that gives me immediate relief from the dull aches. In addition to this product, Lost Range offers the full CDB spectrum of products "to help you thrive, whether for your next adventure or for your daily hustle." Made in Colorado and in my humble opinion, the bomb-bay. We rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. Well done Lost Range!

Company Description

lost rangeTM was founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by college friends who have always believed in plants over pills. Their love for nature and the great outdoors have bonded their friendship over the past 18 years and formed a partnership to be able to share their passion – to help others find natural remedies that will drive them through their endeavors.

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