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Velox Monosuit


To provide unsurpassed function, comfort, and attitude

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Company Description

If a snowbike is already your snowmachine of choice, you’ve shown that you’re an innovator. Here’s something you’re going to like. Since the mono suit has proven to be the ideal outerwear for snowmobiles, we developed a mono suit tailored to snowbikes. The Velox Mono Suit combines everything we’ve learned over 8 generations designing mono suits while introducing unique snowbike-specific features. Heat-resistant panels are a preventative measure against scalding engines and exhaust. A custom ankle closure system ensures effortless, worry-free shifting and reduces the chance of catching on a peg during mounting and dismounting. Our regular fit Velox Snowbike Mono Suit allows for full range of movement and the 45,000mm Sympatex® Membrane ensures the elements stay out. Discover your new go-to snowbike outerwear this season with Velox.

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